“Thank you so much for this very informative and entertaining book!”
(Melanie J. Florence, The Bodleian Libraries, Oxford)


“I first met this book one year ago on civilisation class. It immediately dragged my attention due to its colourful cover. We used this book on every class and I was always looking for it to read and learn something new. It is perfect to broaden your mind with numerous interesting topics, like British history dating back even to the Ancient times or the life of the most well-known family, the Windsors. But if you’re interested in British sports, literature or culture, it’s the best option for you. This book is a mixture of old and modern interests. Moreover, thanks for the colourful pictures, reading is even more enjoyable. As for a student who is learning English as a second language, it is also suitable to improve your language skills whenever and wherever you feel like it. 
All in all, I can only recommend this interesting, very useful and special book, whatever your intention is.”
(Kata, student)


“I first met and flipped through thepages of GR8 Britannia in a bookshop. The first thing to grab my attention was the up-to-date information it contains. All who teach English Civilization know how hard it is to find a topic-based book with up-to-date information. I know it was written for CEFR level A2-B1 for elementary school upper-grade students, however, my secondary students can use it perfectly well for their final exam at our bilingual school. We could use it during lockdown whilst online education.

What I first missed was the absence of tasks. It is no more true: GR8 Teacher’s Resource pack and GR8 Online Classroom with multiple tasks and frequent updates are available.”
(Mrs Kata, teacher)


“A greatly revised collection of all you must know about Great Britain. Great images give a fabolous summary on Britain’s atmosphere.”
(Laura, student)


“Easy to follow, great to read.”
(Zoli, GBR-fan)


“In my point of view, the GR8 book is one of my favourite. It is quite fascinating and interesting at the same time. I was not bored with it at all because the pictures gave “life “ to Britain’s culture and it made me read more and more until the very end. After all, most of us are in quarantine so I definitely recommend this book to everyone if they are in school or if the would like to know about Great Britain.”
(Elina, student)


“I highly recommend thebook called GR8 Britannia to those who are at an elementary level in English. The language used in the book is quite understandable. Furthermore, there is a great variety of images to make information more clear and simple. While reading the book, you can learn about culture and examine past events. Instead of a mass of text, important information is written through entertaining stories, therefore it means more than a simple coursebook to me. The most important phrases, names, terms and dates are clearly highlighted, so you don’t have to read each chapter deep and wie. The content pages are clear, too.

All in all, GR8 Britannia is an easy-to-follow reader with great images included.
(Panka, student)


“For 3 years, our class has been studying from great stocks of paper as there was no modern English civilization book on the market. However from this school year, our teacher found the GR8 Britannia book, and just the cover caught our attention. The book contains interesting facts, that even teenagers like myself find useful in future studies. It makes learning not so boring, and the book contains just the right amount of geographical and historical parts about GBR. I thoroughly enjoy learning, but only if it’s from GR8 Britannia.
(Sarah, student)


“A great supplementary book – not only for those who attend bilingual schools with English civilization as a compulsory subject.”
(Student Lines Travel Agency)