GR8 Total Immersion into language exams. Get through the exam tasks effectively.

What GR8 Britannia offers for EFL exam-preparation for the Common European Framework levels B1, B2, C1 and C2:

  • Ideas on communication (i.e. how to build up stories easily and creatively; discussions and debates; functional language)
  • A collection of situational dialogues
  • Reading comprehension tasks & ways to do them i.e. scanning, skimming and reading for gist
  • Writing techniques (styles, paragraphs etc.; functional and discursive – e-mails – inquiry, advice, complaint etc.; comments, reviews, articles, essays)
  • Contact lessons for F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions)
  • Use of English (time and tense correlation; modality; functional language; lexis)
  • MATERIALS FOR SELF-STUDY (which is essential): listening activities, reading tasks, revision for grammar, use of english texts, gap-filling, themed vocabulary lists and tasks, writing tasks (for-and-against, essay, narrative, e-mail etc.)


This way of self-study of contact lessons is not always exam-based i.e. it will be effective for all exams. The above mentioned collection (GR8 EXAM PACK) focuses on skills and topics that appear in each and every language exam PLUS it includes mock tasks for the exam the student has picked to take.

The collection (GR8 EXAM PACK) is based on the following well-known international exams: IELTS; TELC; Euroexam; LanguageCert (ex-Pitman, later City&Guilds); Cambridge Exams (B1 Prelimiray; B2 First; C1 Advanced); Oxford Higher; Trinity ESOL; TOEFL.

Contact gr8@greatbritannia.blog for further information.