Stone skimming

UPDATE: The event for 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID19. Competitors may next meet on 26 September 2021 for World Stone Skimming Championship.


The British have lots of unique sporting (well at least outdoor) events all the year round. These include the following: Egg-throwing World Championsips, Bog-Snorkelling World Championships, Workd Conker Championships (where you have to smash a chestnut)…

Stone-skimming is a popular activity especially with kids by rivers or lakes – and England has organised several World Championships in this event so far.

The one in 2019 was held on 28-29 September. A great skimming event, All England Stone Skimming Championship from 2019 nearly brought a great record. The winner of the men’s event, 22-year-old Alex Lewis skimmed a personal best of 98m on Windermere (a lake in Lake District National Park). He’s been really close to a so called “Centurion” – a skim of 100m.
Lewis retained his title, while the women’s competition celebrated a new champion, Christina Bowen Bravery. Her winning threw-skim reached 41m.

Watch the report here:


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