Potholing in UK’s largest cave

UPDATE: Gaping Gill Winch Meet will be held from 29 May to 4 June 2021.

Have you ever caved?

Gaping Gill in Yorkshire Dales is a unique place for those who love caving i.e. “potholing”. This spot, however, is only accessible two times a year (in May and in August) and is one of the best places for those who are keen on walking – Gaping Gill is only accessible on foot from the village of Clapham.

The chamber and the extensive cave system it is a part of are only accessible to experienced and cave explorers except for the two times, the bank-holidays mentioned above. Two local caving clubs provide a winch to allow members of the public: they are lowered down the shaft on a boatswain’s chair and later winched out again.

Once inside you can just explore the chamber, or the slightly more adventurous can enter some of the easier and closer passages of the 16.6km cave system.

Its main chamber is 130m long, 31m high and 25m wide, the largest cave chamber in Britain – a cathedral would fit inside. Actually, a hot-air balloon-flight was already attempted.



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