St Patrick – The man who converted Druids to Christianity

Several myths and legends follow the steps of St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland celebrated on 17 March, the day he possibily died on.
Among the popular legends is the one that he drove al the snakes out of Ireland, however, it is a country where no snakes have ever appeared.

St Patrick’s Day is a one for going green – clothes, food and even beer has this colour today. Shamrocks, the Leprechaun and his pot of gold…

Saint Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday, but it is celebrated by people from many different countries by wearing green, watching parades, and eating corned beef. Everyone can be Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day!

Saint Patrick was a missionary who lived in Ireland. He died sometime around 17 March in 493 CE. At the age of 16, Saint Patrick was captured and made a slave for six years.

It is clamied that St Patrick used the thre-leaf clover (referred to as the shamrock) to teach people what Trinity is (Father, Son, The Holy Spirit).

Wtch how the river in Chicago is dyed green on this day:


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