Ramsay MacDonald, a Scotsman as Prime Minister

Scotland gave the United Kingdom their first Labour prime minister ever. James Ramsay MacDonald became PM on 23 January 1924, with the support of the Liberal Party. Only for a short while, however – seven months later Stanley Baldwin and the Conservatives greatly won the general elections.

Labours led by MacDonald took over again in 1929, however, The Great Depression crisis of the early 1930s expelled MacDonald from the Labours. From then on, he led his National Government with support from the Conservatives.

His health declined by 1934, and in May 1935 he resigned as Prime Minister. He also lost his Seaham MP-seat in the elections a year later. In November 1937, he took a cruising holiday and died during the cruise on board the liner Reina del Pacifico.

Ramsay MacDonald always had a long vision of peace, which he actually published in his own book, ‘National Defence’ in 1916. He supported the League of Nations, but always believed in a strong and independent Britain.


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