Dr Jekyll, Mr Hide and the inventor of the sleeping bag

Author of Treasure Island and Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde Robert Loius Balfour Stevenson is among the greatest Scottish writers. Born in Edinburgh on 13 November 1850 and died in Samoa 44 years later, he was child prodigy, a creative story-teller and a great traveller. Stevenson claimed Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s story his worst piece of work, however, it was a sellout right after the first publication.

GR8 to Know about Stevenson

  • his first story was written down by his mother when Little Robert was at the age of six – he dictated the story
  • ‘Velvet Jacket’ was the nickname of the vain teenager Stevenson due to the velveteen coat he used to wear
  • he burnt the first draft of his story Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • his former Edinburgh home is now called Stevenson House and can be visited by those who want to spend a B&B-night in an elegant Georgian house
  • Stevenson House claims that Robert L. Stevenson probably invented the sleeping bag, since it had never been described anywhere else – Stevenson wrote about a large linen-fleece sack he slept in during his travels in France

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