Yr Hen Haith – The Old Tongue

Welsh words are not easy to pronounce. Moreover, the language is uneasy to learn. But it’s worth a try since it is among the oldest still existing European languages.

Give it a go, will you?

Here are some words to go one – two are linked with pronunciation site where you can check the further examples.

bus bws
boat llong
plane awyren
school ysgol
bag cwd
drink diod
glass gwydryn
church eglyws
castle castell
door drws
farm fferm
road ffordd
stone maen
milk llefrith
sugar siwgr
bread bara
beer cwrw
river afon
sea môr
island ynys
lake llyn
hill bryn
sheep dafad
dog ci
history hanes
man gŵr
woman benyw
child plentyn
country gwlad

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