Yorkshire pudding – the original?

How it began? Well, according to urban legend, women in the north of England realised there is a way to use the fat dripping from the roasted meat: to bake a batter-pudding.
The first “official” recipe for this dish (called “dripping pudding”) was published in “The Whole Duty of a Woman”, a book for wives to del with cooking, household chores, religion and even nadling their husbands coming home drunk.
This original recipe included fat. Despite the fact that oil is preferably used nowadays, duck or goose fat gives Yorkshire pudding the original taste and crispyness.

It was never proved why the name changed from “dripping” to “Yorkshire”, but it is a logical explanation that the food was mostly eaten by Yorkshire miners.

Several “best Yorkshire pudding” recipes have occurred but each contain the following ingredients for the batter: eggs, milk and flour. It is often advised to have the same volume of ingredients – as shown in the video below:


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