London’s “sky-picnic table”

“At the moment it looks as though London seems to be turning into an absurdist picnic table – we already have a giant gherkin, now it looks as if we are going to have an enormous salt cellar*.” – Prince Charles, 2003
*Referring to The Shard as salt shaker / cellar

The currently tallest skyscaper in London (The Shard) was designed (i.e. sketched) on a napkin by its architect, Renzo Piano. The building itself received several nicknames (including the “Salt Shaker”) but as London Bridge Buildng’s top looks like glass broken into several sharp pieces, it is nicknamed “The Shard”.

With its height of 306m (more than 1000 ft), it is far the highest building in London but it is not the one with the funniest nickname.

Image credit: GR8 Britannia, FB

Here are some more London buildings – mostly skyscraper – and their nicknames:

The Gherkin 30 St Mary’s Axe
The Shard London Bridge Building
The Cheesegrater Leadenhall Building
Can of Ham 60-70 St Mary’s Axe
The Helter-Skelter (Pinnacle Tower) 22 Bishopsgate
Walkie-Talkie Tower 20 Fenchurch St
Pringle Olympic Cycle Velopark
The Razor Strata by Elephant and Castle
The Cheesegrater; The Gherkin; The Walkie-Talkie (L-R) – Image credit: GR8 Britannia, FB
The Razor – Image Credit WM Commons
The Pringle – London 2012 Summer Olympic Games, the venue of track cycling events Credit: EG Focus)

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