Roman Britain 1

Julius Caesar wrote in around 55 BCE, “The Britons have a huge number of cattle, they use gold coins or iron bars as their money, and produce tin and iron.” So Caesar and his army invaded Britain because Rome wanted to get its hand on British resources to become richer.

The Romans came from the south and were led by Claudius. They arrived in 43 CE in Kent.

In the next year, they battled inland, got to London and founded Londinium.

What the Romans left in Britain:

  • their brick and stone buildings with central heating,
  • sewage systems,
  • paved, straight roads,
  • public baths,
  • villas,
  • temples,
  • walls around towns,
  • reading and writing (Latin words),
  • Christianity,
  • rabbits,
  • coins.

A Day in the Life of a 10-Year-Old in Roman times


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