H.M. The Queen; extra

Interesting facts about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II:

  • The Queen can speak French fluently.
  • She can drive well but she doesn’t need a driving licence, a passport or an ID card.
  • She is 5ft 4in tall (162 cm).
  • She loves dogs: she had corgis, now she has dorgis (her own breed) and hound dogs.
  • When she is at home in any of the Royal castles, the Royal Standard flag flies.
  • She has about 25 horses in each racing season.
  • There are about 150 painted portraits of her.
  • The Queen is on YouTube and on Facebook (The British Monarchy)
  • Her Majesty sends a telegraph (a special greeting card) to people of the Commonwealth who have their 100th birthday.
  • The Queen gives Christmas presents to Buckingham Palace staff every year. Some get some personal gifts but all get Christmas pudding.

HOME in London, Buckingham Palace:

The Queen and Scottish Veterans (Photo: Press Association)
The Queen and Scottish Veterans (Photo: Press Association)

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