Daily life in the USA – 2

Stereotypes and typical features of Americans:

  • most of the families live in the suburb in detached-houses
  • these neighborhoods are friendly and the homes have no fences around them
  • BUT they all have: a driveway, a front and a backyard, a porch, trees, bushes and hedges in the garde
  • Americans eat fast food and junk food (snacks, peanut butter, marshmallows, candies, pizza etc.), however, they all try to maintain a healthy diet
  • they do sports, especially at school

What if we all lived like Americans? We would…

  • drive a lot and eat our meals on the highway in the car (American drive 13,476 miles per year – the most in the world, also have the highest rate of vehicle collision; 20% of all meals are eaten in vehicles)
  • eat 8 ounces (ca. 220g) of beef per person a day
  • drink 403 Coca-Cola products per person a year on average (world’s average: 92)
  • have the highest caloric, sugar and fat, but also vegetable intake in the world
  • throw 1.6 billion pens and 220 million car tires away yearly
  • produce 729 kg of garbage per person every year
  • live quite long (life expectancy for woman is 82.1 years and for men it’s 77.5 yrs)




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