School in the USA – 2


  • There’s no national curriculum, states individually decide on the education system.


Varied (different) in each state:

  • number and size of school districts;
  • years of compulsory education (till years of 16 or 18);
  • subjects, extra activities;
  • the academic year (two or three terms; holidays; beginning and ending);

What is common?

  • there are 12 Grades;
  • there are three levels: primary / elementary; secondary; higher;
  • all children have the access to public schools;
  • there’s tuition fee in private schools (religious etc.);
  • they use letters in the marking system in the school reports (A-F; they are described with words, too and to A,B and C extra marks, + or – might be added)
    • excellent; very good; good; average; below average; fair; poor; failed
  • the grades are converted into points all over the 12 years that finally gives a student’s GPA: Grade Point Average;
  • registration at school every day;
  • transport to school (in rural areas the bus stops in front of students’ homes);
  • high schools provide lockers for storing books and other possessions;
  • elementary schools provide cycle-racks; high schools parking lots;
  • school canteens are provided in all types of schools, and milk is sold at mealtimes;
  • Pledge of Allegiance every day.


Discipline at school:

  • detention;
  • suspension (In-School S., at school but in a designated suspension room all day; Out-of-School);
  • expulsion;
  • dropout (age of 16, own decision).

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