USA Geography, Part 1

Vocabulary and NTD on Quizlet

Here is what you know so far – do you remember?

  • official name of the country
  • form of state
  • capital city
  • population
  • languages
  • borders
  • major mountains, major rivers
  • some examples for natural resources and industries (e.g.: oil, cattle, orchards, forestry)

There are… in the USA:

  • five great regions,
  • several sub-regions,
  • mountain ranges,
  • lakes and rivers,
  • plain (prairie) areas,
  • deserts,
  • and islands

The 5 regions are the Northeast, the Southeast, the Central (Midwest), the Southwest, the West.

Subregions: Mid-Atlantic (on the east coast); Central Plains; Great Lakes territory; New England; Pacific Northwest; Rocky Mountains region


RIVERS – Play this game for revision and practiceRivers-USA

  • more than 250,000 rivers (about 5,6 million km in total)
  • the longest: the Missouri (+ the Mississippi)
  • the longest undammed: the Yellowstone
  • Rivers are important for:
  • drinking water-supply; irrigation; transportation; electrical power; drainage; recreation

LAKES – Play this game for revision and practice


  • The Great Lakes:
    • Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior.
    • The 5 likes combined make up the largest collection of freshwater lakes if the world.
      • only Lake Michigan is located entirely in the USA, the other four are located along the border btw Canada and the USA.
    • Great Salt Lake
      • located in Utah; its water is even more salty than the ocean (no fish live in it, only shrimps and algae)
    • Crater Lake
      • the deepest in the USA,
      • a caldera lake (formed from the collapsed land at the center of a volcano)
    • Lake Okeechobee
      • second largest US freshwater lake located in south Florida, a very shallow lake


MOUNTAIN RANGES – Play this game for revision and practice


  • Rocky Mountains
    • longest in N.-A.; highest point: Mt Elbert (4390 m)
    • forests: spruce, pines, oaks, firs
    • bighorn sheep, badgers, grizzlies, black bears, coyotes, elk…
  • Appalachian Mountains
    • Mt Mitchell (2037 m)
    • pine, spruce, birch, maple trees;
    • squirrels, cottontail rabbits, white-tailed deer, wolves, beavers, black bears, red-tailed hawks…
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Cascade Range
  • Ozarks

Final game for this topic.



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