Amerindians 3 – Lifestyle of the Indians


NOMADIC tribes

  • collecting edible plants (berries; plant roots)
  • fishing
  • followed the buffalo
  • hunting: deer; rabbits; ducks

SETTLED tribes

  • farming: maize, pumpkins, squash; beans; potatoes
  • fishing
  • hunting: deer; rabbits; ducks



WEAPONS and tools

  • knives; bows and arrows; war clubs; spears; harpoons (to hunt fish, even whales with); tomahawks; shileds

FOLLOWING THE BUFFALO – how it was used?

  • bones: carved and sharpened to make knives, arrow heads and war clubs
  • skin: clothes, moccasins, tepees, waterbags
  • hooves: cups
  • sinew: bowstring; thread
  • tongue: hairbrush
  • fat: soap; cooking oil
  • tail: fly swat; decoration
  • hair: filling saddles


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A powwow:



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