Amerindians 2 – Six tribes

Here is an alphabetical list of all Amerindian tribes.

Let’s have a look at six important tribes. Here’s a map first to see where exactly they lived.



  • lived in the Southwest (today’s Arizona and New-Mexico states);
  • organized farming people (beans, maize)
  • lived in „pueblos” (villages / towns) on top of cliffs in houses made from adobe, stone and wood
  • clothes made of cotton; shoes were moccasins
  • built canals across the deserts to bring water
  • a famous Pueblo was Popé (Popay) – a religious leader who led the Pueblo Revolt against the Spanish in 1680


  • lived in the Southwest, were neighbours of the Pueblo
  • never settled – wandered  across mountains and deserts
  • stole lands and food from the Pueblo
  • a famous Apache: Geronimo (a leader and medicine man)


  • lived in the Northeastern Woodlands
  • a group of five tribes (Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, and Mohawk, formed as a confederation called the Iroquois Leauge in 1570) in the Eastern Woodlands;
  • skilled farmers (maize, beans), hunters and fishermen; lived in longhouses (home to cca. 15 – 20 families)
  • used canoes to move on rivers & lakes
  • fierce warriors
  • a famous Iroquois was Chief Logan (was friendly with settlers, but after they killed his brother, C.L. made his revenge)

The SIOUX (Lakota; Dakota)

  • lived in the Great Plains
  • they called themselves Dakota (allies); other Indians called them Sioux (enemies)
  • grew no crops, built no houses
  • followed the buffalo from pasture to pasture (for clothes, shelter etc.)
  • lived in tepees (= tipi; teepee)
  • carried fire from one place to another
  • a famous Sioux: Sitting Bull (leader and medicine man); won at the Battle of Little Bighorn against General Cluster


  • lived in the Northwest
  • history of the tribe on totem poles
  • gathered nuts and berries; fished for salmon
  • lived in wooden plank houses


  • lived in the Southeast (in the territory of today’s Georgia state)
  • one of the 5 most civilized tribes (Cherokee, Chikasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole)
  • had their own schools and constitution
  • a Cherokee band was led by two chiefs: a war-chief and a peace-chief
  • a famous Cherokee leader was Sequoyah: he created a writing system for his tribe

Go to the Names, terms and dates and on Quizlet for vocabuary and definitions.

Click HERE for more about Amerindian lifestyle and picture vocabulary.



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