Amerindians 1 – Introduction to Native Americans

American Indians (Amerindians / Indians / Amerind / Native Americans) are the aboriginal (=native) people in the USA. Their ancestors lived nomadic lives. Today, most of the Amerindians live a civilized lifestyle and live together with the other nationalities in communities. However, some tribes still keep their nomadc lifestyle and live on reservations.


Nomadic lifestlye:

  • hunting
  • fishing
  • wandering (usually following the buffalo)
  • gathering edible fruits, roots and berries
  • housing: tents (tepee, wigwam…)
  • tools used: knives, axes (or clubs), bows and arrows, spears
  • mostly warrior people

Settled lifestyle:

  • building houses –> villages (settlements) –> towns / cities (with schools, stores etc.)
  • farming (maize = corn, beans, squash, pumpkin, berries; cotton plantations)
  • tools used: knives, axes (or clubs), bows and arrows, spears
  • some were warriors, some not

The regions the tribes lived in were the following:

  • Eastern woodlands;
  • the Southeast;
  • the Great Plains;
  • the Northwest;
  • the Southwest



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