Tudor Monarchs

henryviiKing Henry VII (1485 – 1509)

  • defeated King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth (that ended the War of Roses);
  • he kept England peaceful, and saved a lot of money for the country’s treasury;

henryviiiKing Henry VIII (1509 – 1547)

  • spent a lot of money away (liked hunting, jousting, singing, music, dancing, sports etc.);
  • had 6 wives (divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived);
  • had 3 legitimate children (Mary, Elizabeth, Edward);
  • built a strong navy;
  • founded the Church of England (Anglican Church of protestants)

King Edward VI (1547 – 1553)edwardvi

  • was a boy king, he reigned under the protection of his uncle, the Duke of Somerset;
  • never married, no children; usually ill, died at the age of 15;

ladyjanegreyLady Jane Grey

  • after Edward’s death she was named the next in the line to the throne because she was a protestant à Henry VIII’s daughter Mary rode to London with her followers, put Jane in prison and executed her

maryiQueen Mary I (1553 – 1558)

  • a Roman Catholic and forced to make English people Roman Catholic again;
  • married to King Philip of Spain;
  • a very unpopular monarch;
  • nicknamed Bloody Mary because she murdered many people who were mainly protestants and against her will

elizabethiQueen Elizabeth I (1558 – 1603)

  • after Mary’s death she came to the throne and made England protestant again;
  • made Britain an empire when the British discovered a lot of new lands;
  • wore white make-up to hide the scars left by smallpox;
  • called to be the most powerful monarch because she was very strict;
  • the ‘Virgin Queen’- never married, no children;
  • she named her nephew, King James VI of Scotland (a Stuart) as her heir to the English throne –> he became King James I of ENG (and WAL, SCO)