Buckingham Palace, Her Majesty’s London home


  • she became queen in 1952;
  • she meets politicians and other monarchs in her office at Buckingham Palace;
  • in the afternoons, she visits (or opens) public buildings (e.g.: schools, hospitals etc.);
  • in the summer, she has three garden parties at the palace;
  • she keeps the tradition of having breakfast exactly at 8.30 with her husband, Prince Philip while listening to traditional Scottish bagpipe music played by a piper in the Palace Gardens;
  • at dinner, she starts to eat first and when she finishes eating, everybody must finish;
  • she never accepts a phone call during dinner, not even in case of an emergency

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  • tourists can visit several rooms of the palace in August and September (while the Queen is in Scotland at Balmoral Castle);
  • The Palace Gardens, the Queen’s Gallery and The Royal Mews can be visited all year round;
  • you know that Her Majesty is at home if: the flag at the top of the palace flies and outside the front gate there are four Foot Guards (otherwise there are only 2 of them);
  • there are seven people whose only job is to take after Her Majesty (and her dogs);
  • the palace is like a small town (with its own police station, hospital, post offices, cinema, swimming pool etc.)

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