Names, terms, dates 2

Names, terms and dates from Chapter 7.

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British Museum, the the oldest museum in the world, visitors will see the works of man from prehistoric to modern times from around the world;
Most famous objects include: the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon sculptures, Egyptian mummies and the Portland Vase
Museum of London, the you can learn about London and its people from earliest times
Natural History Museum, the you can learn about our planet, our world, the people, animals and plants in it
Charles Dickens one of the most famous writers of England who wrote his novels in Victorian times; most famous Dickens characters are: Oliver Twist, David Copperfield and Nicholas Nickleby
Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir English writer whose popular characters were Sherlock Holmes, the clever detective and his friend, Watson
10 Baker Street the house where Sherlock Holmes lived in Doyle’s novels; nowadays it hosts The Sherlock Holmes Museum
Covent Garden once it was the place for the largest English market; nowadays there are shops, market stalls and street artists there; Covent Garden is home for The London Transport Museum and The Royal Opera House
Tate Britain the home of British art from 1500 to present
dungeon, a a dark cellar room in a castle used as a prison in the past
chamber, a a large room in a building used for meetings; old word for a private room (or bedroom)