Highland Games

Loch Lomond Highland Games are a traditional Scottish Highland Games situated in the village of Balloch at the southern end of Loch Lomond.
The games were started in 1967 and the games are now one of the top three Highland Games in Scotland hosting the Scottish Highland Games Association World Heavyweight Championship and the 80 metre Scottish Sprint Championship.

Other events are:

  • piping,
  • tug-o-war;
  • athletics,
  • wrestling,
  • cycling,
  • triathlon (swimming, cycling, running),
  • Highland dancing
  • and all the usual heavyweight events. There are eight different disciplines in this event: throwing the 16 and 22 pound stones for distance; the 16 and 22 pound Scotch Hammer for distance; the 28 pound ball and chain for distance; the 56 pound weight for distance; the 56 pound weight is tossed over the bar; and tossing the Caber.

The heavyweight events:


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