A Christmas Carol

Takes part in London at Christmas time.
The main characters are:

  • Ebenezer Scrooge
    a money-lender in London (a greedy, stingy, selfish old man)
  • Jacob Marley
    Scrooge’s business partner, died 7 years before the story begins and comes back as a ghost
  • Bob Cratchit and his family
    Scrooge’s clerk, his wife and children, the youngest is Tiny Timothy (Tim) who is handicapped
  • the three ghosts
    the Ghost of Past, the Ghost of Present and of Future Christmas
  • Mrs Dilber
    Scrooge’s housekeeper
  • Fred
    Scrooge’s nephew
  • Fan
    Scrooge’s sister, Fred’s mother
  • Belle
    Scrooge’s girlfriend, they were engaged but didn’t get married
  • Mr Fezziwig
    Scrooge worked for him, Fezziwig was kind to Scrooge

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