Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


The Queen, Korean president Park Geun-Hye and the Duke of Edinburgh (Photo: The British Monarchy, Facebook)

She has important roles. The Queen is:

  • Head of State, so she visits other kings and queens, presidents, prime ministers or other important people. She also invites world leaders to London. These are official meetings.
  • Head of the Armed Forces;
  • Head of the English (Anglican) Church. The spiritual leader is the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Queen isn’t always busy. Can you find out what she does in her spare time? Unscramble the words.


Were you right?

Her Majesty loves taking photos, watching TV (especially BBC-sitcoms and soap operas) and walking her dogs. Watch how the Queen, her dogs and James Bond entered the Olympic Stadium at the opening ceremony of London Summer Olympic Games 2012.

beaverslothjaguarHer Majesty loves animals, especially dogs. She owns corgis and dorgis (a daschund-corgi crossbreed). The Queen often gets presents from famous people and she also gets animals. However, they don’t stay at Buckingham Palace, they all go to the London Zoo. Her Majesty has already had an elephant, some black beavers, some sloths and even a jaguar.

If you are very lucky, you can meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace. If you aren’t, you can still see her every day: the Queen’s head is on banknotes, coins and stamps.money-stampQueen Elizabeth II has two birthdays. One for the family (the private on April 21) and another one for the public. It is in June when the Queen can see all her soldiers in uniform.

Here you can watch Trooping the Colour 2015:


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